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_________________________________Successful Projects_________________________________

Year – 1995   Year – 2014   Year – 2020
Trader Hotel LAN (Local Area Network) Installation Project (H)   Nay Pyi Taw MICC 1 WiFi Project (G)   Shwe Set Taw Pagoda CCTV Surveillance Project (G)
Year – 1996   National Gust House Area WiFi Project (G)   Mawlamyine Christian Leprosy Hospital Infra Project (C)
Myanmar Euroworld Garment Factory LAN Project (I)   Myanmar Life Hotel WiFi Project (H)   Vessel Monitoring System Installation (Sittwe) Project (G)
Myanmar Kyone Yuam Trading Enterprise LAN Project (C)   Hotel Stadium LAN & Application Project (H)   Kayah State E-Government Tender (J&T)
Year – 1997   Mobile Payment Solution Service Infra Project (B)   Myanma Investment and Commercial Bank Project (B)
United States Information Service (American Embassy) (E)   Ministry of Labor (SSC) Infra Project (G)   NLD R&D Network Infrastructure Project (N)
Year – 1998   Delco Land Company Infra Project (Hlaing Tharyar) (I)   New Yangon Specialist Hospital IT System Project (M)
Myanmar Oriental Bank LAN Project (Shwe Bon Thar) (B)   Year – 2015
  Magway Region E-Government Tender (J&T)
Good Morning Bakery LAN Project (I)   Myanmar Citizen Bank (Pazundaung Branch) (B)   GBS IT Assessment Audit Phase I Project (C)
Year – 1999   Myanmar Citizen Bank (Nay Pyi Taw Branch) (B)   Naypyidaw Council Smart & Safe City Tender (J&T)
Swiftwinds Travels & Tours Co., Ltd LAN Project (C)   Delco Land Company Server Installation Project (I)   Year – 2021
Year – 2000
  Yangon University E-Government Application Project (U)   PTIC IT Assessment Audit Phase I Project (C)
Exotissimo Travels & Tours Co., Ltd LAN Project (C)   MiCasa Hotel Infra & WiFi Project (H)   MICB CBM Net Network Project (B)
Myanmar Mega Steel Inc. LAN Project (I)   Daewoo E&P Company Head Office (Yangon) (I)   Delcoland Core Network Upgrading Project (C)
Year – 2001   International School Virtualization Project (S)    
Sompo Myanmar Co., Ltd LAN Project (I)   INYALAKE Hotel  Vessels Project (H)    
Year – 2002   Apollo Tower (Communication Tower Control) (I)    
UMFCCI Training Center LAN Project (JODC Japan Donation) (I)   International School Migration Project (Yangon) (S)    
Swiftwinds Travels & Tours Co., Ltd Infrastructure Project (C)   Yangon Stock Exchange (YSX) Tender (J&T)
Year – 2003   Yangon General Hospital Emergency LAN Project (M)    
Myanmar Security Exchange Center (Japan) LAN Project (C)   Year – 2016    
Myanmar Citizen Bank LAN Project  (Head Office) (B)   Asia World Port WiFi Project (Htee Tan) – Phase 1 (I)    
Year – 2004   Public Health University Infra Project (Yangon) (U)    
Ministry of Home LAN Project (Police – Special Branch) (G)   Myanmar Industry Port Infra Project (Alone) (I)    
Computer Journal LAN Project (C)   IIDA Electronics Infra Project (Myanmar/Thailand) (I)    
Year – 2005   British Council Library (British Embassy) (E)    
Myanmar National Network LAN Project (C)   MPSS System Upgrade Project (B)    
Shwe Than Lwin Co., Ltd.LAN Project (C)   Delco Land Company Server Farm Upgrade  Project (I)    
Year – 2006   Myanmar Brewery Virtualization Project (I)    
Myanmar Heritage Co., Ltd Network Project (C)   Yangon University Server Project (Physics Department) (U)    
Ministry of Education LAN Project (Video Conferencing) (G)   International School (Yangon) Infra Upgrade (S)    
Year – 2007   Year – 2017    
Yangon University Cluster Project (Physics Research Center) (U)   Public Health University Electrical Project (Yangon) (U)    
Shwe Lamin Internet Cafe Shop Network Project (C)   Yangon University E-Government Project (U)    
Year – 2008   Asia World Port WiFi Project (Htee Tan) Phase 2 (I)    
National Library (Yangon) (G)   International School Virtualization Project (Yangon) (S)    
Myanmar Kaido Co., Ltd Network Project (I)   SSC Shwe Gon Dine Hospital Infra Project (M)    
Year – 2009   Myanmar Brewery Infra & Storage Project (I)    
Logi Media Co., Ltd. Network Infra Project (C)   GBS Co., Ltd Infra and VMware Deployment (I)    
Kyaw Tha Trading Co., Ltd LAN Project (I)   MPSS Service Upgrade Project (B)    
Year – 2010   Asia World Port Virtualization Project Phase 1(I)    
Bagan Radio FM Station (Htoo Trading) Network Project (C)   Wyne Hotel Infra Setup for EasyFO Project (H)    
Myanmar Citizen Bank (Nay Pyi Taw) LAN Project (B)   Year – 2018    
Myanmar Citizen Bank LAN Project (Head Office) (B)   Public Health University PC Upgrade Project (Yangon) (U)    
Year – 2011   Asia World Port Virtualization Project Phase 2 (I)    
Myanmar Citizen Bank LAN Project (Bayintnaung) (B)   Myanmar Brewery Ltd Server Upgrade (for Sale) Project (I)    
Myanmar Citizen Bank LAN Project (Momywar) (B)   Kandawgyi Palace Hotel Infra Upgrade Project (H)    
Asia World Port WiFi Project (Alone) – Phase 1 (I)   TOYO Battery Myanmar WiFi Upgrade Project (C)    
Sarkura Residences WiFi Project (H)   Kandawgyi Palace Hotel VPN (Air Bagan) Project (H)    
Year – 2012   Public Health University WiFi Project (Yangon) (U)    
Myanmar Citizen Bank LAN Project (Muse 105) (B)   Myanmar Life Hotel Infra Upgrade Project (H)    
Myanmar Citizen Bank LAN Project (Myinn Chan) (B)   Mandalay Prison (Oboe) VDI ICRC’s Project (G)    
Asia World Port WiFi Project (Alone) – Phase 2 (I)   Kandawgyi Palace Hotel VPN (Ngwe Saung) Project (H)    
Hotel Shwe Pyi Thar Infra Project (Mandalay) (H)   Kandawgyi Palace Hotel VPN (Chaung Thar) Project (H)    
University of Computer Sciences Infra Project (Bahan) (U)   Hotel Yangon Server Farm Upgrade Project (H)    
Yangon University Wifi Project (Physics Department) (U)   Kandawgyi Palace Hotel VPN (Popa Mountain) Project (H)    
Year – 2013   International School Infra Upgrade Project (Yangon) (S)    
International School Infra Project (Yangon) (S)   ICRC Maung Daw Office Infra Installation Project (N)    
Sarkura Residences Infra Project (H)   Kandawgyi Palace Hotel VPN (Inlay) Project (H)    
ICRC Infra Project (Sittwe- Rakhine State) (N)   Magway Region E-Government Tender (J&T)    
ICRC Infra Project (Head Office- Yangon) (N)   Year – 2019    
FUJI Infra Project (Shwe Pyi Thar Factory) (I)   INHOUSE Furniture Group LAN Infra Redesign Project (C)    
TOYO Battery Infra Project (Shwe Pyi Thar Factory) (I)   Delco Land Equipmrnt Room Redesign Project (C)    
TOYO Battery Infra Project (Head Office) (I)   Kandawgyi Palace Hotel Server Farm Project (H)    
Myanmar Life Hotel Infra & Application Project (H)   Myanmar Life Hotel WiFi Upgrade Project (H)    
27th Sea Game Security & Monitoring (G)   Zealax Hotel Server Farm Setup for Opera Application (H)    
National Gust House and Banquet Hall Infra Project (G)   Shwe Dagon Pagoda Smart Surveillance Tender (J&T)    
Asia World Port Network Project (Alone) – Phase 2 (I)   Kayah State E-Government Tender (J&T)    
Yangon University Netwrok Project (Physics Research Center) (U)   Magway Region E-Government Tender (J&T)    
G : Government Sector   B  : Banking Sector   U & S : University & international School
H : Hotel Sector   I   : Industry Sector   E & N : Embassy & NGO Sector
C : Company Sector   M : Medical Sector
  J & T  : Judge & Technical Consultant

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