Technical Support

Our Technical Support

For after sales services, we have expert teams for site installation and maintenance services for our valued clients. Our round-the-clocks service is first and only in Myanmar and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our experienced technicians have strong technical knowledge and well experienced in computer engineering and system repair works.

Do you have a problem with your third-party system…..? Don’t worry, we will provide you with round-the-clock quality service at your door. Our prompt and accurate service ensure that our customers are well looked after. As a best investment, You can make a service contract with our service team to protect your assets. We offer a wide range options of maintenance service contracts.

We have been focusing on telecommunications infrastructure planning and design, data center infrastructure planning and design, equipment supply, installations, testing, consulting, commissioning, maintenance, and general infrastructure works.

Our Services & Solution
Specialized IT Services Our IT Consulting Services
 * Hardware Servicing, Repairing, Maintenance & Upgrading   Expert Data Recovery Services   * Data Center Design and Implementation
  (System Integration)   * File / Folder Level Services   * System Design and Configuration
 * Computer Network Design, Implementation &   * Partition Level Services   * Clients/Server, Thin Clients, and Server Base Topology
  Consultation (Small, Medium, Enterprise)   * Disk / Volume Level Services   * Network Security / Firewall and VPN
 * Computer Network Structure Cable Design & Installation   * RAW Data Format Level Services   * Intrusion Detection System / Disaster Recovery
  (Copper / Fiber)   * Specific File / Data Level Services   * Centralized Data Storage and Quota Design
 * Computer Network Maintenance Service & Upgrading   * RAID Level Services   * Document Storage / NAS / SAN Solution
  (Telecoms, Wired & Wireless)   * Cluster Volume Level Services   * Virtual Server Implementation / Network Implementation
 * Client/ Server & Multi Tired Application Design,   * Storage Media Level Services   * LAN, MAN, WAN, PAN, HAN, CAN, EPN, WLAN and
  Development & Installation   * OS / NOS Level Services     Global Networking Solution Design and Connectivity
 * Communication & Messaging (E-mail / Groupware)   Privacy Guaranteed & “No Data No Charge” Policy   * Universal E-Mail & Archiving Solution
  System Design, Installation & Upgrading   Security and Surveillance Services   * Remote Accessibility – Web Server / Terminal Server
 * Internet / Intranet Solution Including Content   * Network & Cyber Security   * Structure Office Relocation and Implementation
  Development, Site Designing & Installation   * Information & Data Security   * Smart Home Automation and Application
 * IoT Solutions for All Environment and Consultation   * Network Base Access Control System   * IoT and Sensor Network Solution
  Services (LoRaWAN Sensors Network)   * Customized Surveillance Solutions system   * Safe and Smart City Implementation
 * Data Center and Virtualization Solution (Cloud &   * City / Country-wide Video Surveillance System (VMS)   * ICT Budget and Administration for e Government
  Hyperconverged Infrastructure Services)   * Wireless Video Surveillance & Smart Home System We become your IT Partner and help you achieve
 * Hospitality Solution & IT Consultation Services     CCTV, Fire Alarm System, PABX, all your objectives
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